Embedded Services and RFID solutions

Want to make everyday automation simple and sophisticated? Embedded services is for you. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) offers accurate identification inputs. Embedding automation and remote sensing to mechanical and electrical devices is a great alternative if real-time computing is not an option.

Either way, embedded systems are built to handle specific functions. You can integrate it with similar individualized automated functions and sensors to act as an interface between various working units of an industry. You can also track every micro unit of production; sense, signal and measure real-time operational data for timely intervention. Consequently, offer precise intelligent inputs to your enterprise resource planning tools.

Use RFID technology, get your systems to use applications like transportation, warehouse logistics, access control and management systems, pharmaceuticals, and libraries to provide secured access and identification, and prevent forgery and unauthorized gate crashing.

Vivensas with its in-house manufacturing unit for embedded systems is fully equipped to design, program and develop embedded hardware components and software systems. We cater to many industrial domains that are tested for utmost standards. We custom create them to handle specific industrial functions, enhance performance and reliability of industrial systems, devices and machineries.

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