Field Management System

FMS is a complete automated end to end solution for all field management activities implemented thru a combination of Web, Mobile and GPS Platforms. Field office powered with a Web based control unit solution for allocating, administrating the field personal with Multi branch support. Mobile devices used by field personal powered with mobile apps to capture the data and transmit the same to the field office. Mobile GPS service tracks and captures accurate movement and location of the field personal.

Trac Me

TracMe is a simple and easy to use solution to track all your vehicles with a very intuitive and user friendly application from your office in a very effective way. The product is combined of a Hardware Unit (GPS Tracking Device) and a web based portal providing an interface to track and monitor the vehicles fitted with the tracking device. A very flexible system allowing a simple but powerful configuration mechanism to send out alerts / notifications on deviations.

Yard Management System

The yard management system (YMS) is designed to oversee the movement of Vehicles in the yard of warehouse or distribution center. YMS is often used in conjunction with warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (TMS). YMS has information on the location of trailers in the yard and allows yard employees to move trailers from staging to docks to fill orders in an efficient manner.

Warehouse Management System

WDC Solution is a powerful, easy to use solution to auto-mate the operations inside a warehouse using barcodes or RFID. The solution runs over the wireless network providing information in real time and it is tightly integrated with different ERP / WMS systems thereby eliminating data entry.

Asset Management System

FASoft asset tracking solution is a powerful, easy to use solution to efficiently track and control your company’s fixed assets. The solution covers the entire spectrum starting from labeling the assets, to auditing the assets, till generating reports. FASoft gives you the flexibility of entering asset information either on the PC or remotely on the hand held terminals. The hand held terminals makes assests inventory a quick and simple process.